Chicken Plucker Rental

Chicken Processing Equipment Rental

Midwest Homestead Solutions provides a full processing setup that allows chicken keepers the ability to process their own chickens at home. This setup will save you lots of time and energy, without the up front investment for equipment and supplies. This is all while meeting the exemptions for processing your own chickens.

The equipment rental includes: kill cones, a burner/pot for scalding, professional grade stainless steel plucker, as well as 2 stainless steel drain tables for evisceration, processing apron, and heavy duty extension cord. If you wish to preserve your birds in heavy duty heat shrink freezer bags and freezer labels, they are available for an additional charge of $0.50 each.

Chicken Processing Class

Are you interested in learning how to process chickens quickly? Have you wanted to raise your own chickens till fill your freezer each year?  Now you can!!